(below) Sample assortment coasters in sets:

Each coaster has an assortment of real shells embedded in absorbent clay with a rattan edge
and full cork protection.  There are 4 differentcoasters per set in a box.
Coasters measure 4-1/4" dia. X 1/2" thick.
GIFT BOXED:     12 assorted sets per case.
BULK (no box):  48 single assorted coasters per case
Seaside Coaster Company
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Coasters are shipped in full cases only. Discounted shipping to
Florida, Georgia and N. and S. Carolina. Contact for details and prices.
NEW....Wine Bottle Coasters
Concrete wine bottle coasters with
indented designs
. Each made by hand and
one of a kind. Made in assorted colors of your
choice to fit any home or kitchen decor.
Coasters come with protective cork.  
Concrete votive candles in 6 designs and
assorted colors of your choice.
More candle holder photos comming soon
Concrete wine bottle coasters with
shell wrap. Each has an assortment of
shells, driftwood, starfish, sea glass
and pods attached to the cement
coasters. Shells are on a burlap base
with cork bottom. Approx. size is 6" dia.
X 2-1/2" high.
Wine bottle
Shell wrapped full concrete
Cement wine bottle
coasters with
indented designs.
Cement votive candles
with indented designs.
 Scallop shell and wicker
Scallop shell & wicker wine bottle
with cement insert to absorb
water. Cement disk has cork protection.
Size: Approx. 5" dia. X 2-1/2" high.